Anzola dell’Emilia, 13 July 2017

The 2-day challenge will take place on July 24-25, 2017, at the Carpigiani Gelato University Campus in Anzola dell’Emilia, Bologna, Italy;

Moreno Faganello from Sani Authentic Italian Gelato in Praha, Jiří Hochmann from Mocca Cafè in Tábor and Jitka Strnadova from Kolombina in Plzeň are the creators of 3 of the 20 flavours that will compete at the Gelato World Tour European Finals;

The Finalists represent 8 countries from all over Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Poland.

 Gelato World Tour, the „Formula One of Gelato“, is reaching the end of its second edition after the successful stages around the world that involved more than 2,000 gelato artisans since 2015. In preparation for the World Finals to be held in Rimini on the wonderful seafront beloved by Federico Fellini on 8-10 September, the next stage will be the European Finals in Bologna at the Carpigiani Gelato University main campus from July 24 to July 25.

The Czech Republic is represented by three flavours in competition. Here they are:   CZECH REPUBLIC – Moreno Faganello from Sani Authentic Italian Gelato in Praha with “Grep anýz matá”

CZECH REPUBLIC – Jiří Hochmann from Mocca Cafè in Tábor with “Paris-Brest”

CZECH REPUBLIC – Jitka Strnadova from Kolombina in Plzeň

These are the 17 other finalists that the Czech gelato chefs will compete against. Among them, the Technical jury will select the two who will proceed to the World Finals.

BELGIUM – Sander and Wouter Tobback from L’Origien in Kampenhout with “Passion-Mango”

BELGIUM – Smet Kim from Luca’s Ijs in Hamme with “Curry-Banaan-Coco”

BELGIUM – Cristophe and William Penneman from Cremerie Francois in Sint-Niklaas with “Cremotto with pistachio, crumble and chocolate”

BELGIUM – Kurt Florkin from Fratelli in Antwerp with “Tiranders”

NETHERLANDS – Arjan Nijenhuis from Nijenhuisijs in Lemele with “Nijenhuisijs”

NETHERLANDS – Erik Kuiper from De Ijskuip in Denekamp with “Kui(p)erijs”

CROATIA – Gulija Krešo from Tri Užitka in Zabok with “Tri užitka”

SLOVENIA – Tine Valič from Kavarna Caffè Dolce Vita in Nova Gorica with “Prekmurska Gibanica”

SLOVENIA – Ardit Elupi from Sladoledarna Pingo in Šentilj with “Dark Smoke”

HUNGARY – Renáta Somogyi from Bringatanya Fagyizo in Gyenesdiàs with “Il mio Cioccolato”

HUNGARY – Damniczki Balázs from Damniczki Cukrászda in Székesfehérvár with “Feketeteás málna”

HUNGARY – Karl Zsolt from Karl Cukrászda in Dunaharaszti with “Berry Dream”

GREECE – Vangelis Iliopoulos from Gelato Punto in Rhodes with “Pastolato”

GREECE – Dimitris Charalampous from Palladion in Rhodes with “Salted Caramel Peanuts”

POLAND – Adam Pokojski from Cukiernia Franciszek Pokojski in Toruń with “Fig with Poppy and Parsnip”

POLAND – Paulina Salamończyk from Gelato Studio in Gliwice with “Vegan Pumpkin”

POLAND – Andy Staniek from All’Angolo Cafè in Zielona Góra with “Coconut White Chocolate Raspberry”

Gelato World Tour’s numbers from 2013 to today:

– 12 international stages on 4 continents: Rome, Valencia, Melbourne, Dubai, Austin, Berlin, Rimini (Grand Finale 1st edition), Singapore, Tokyo, Chicago, and Shenzhen.

– Italian Challenge with more than 55 stops between 2015 and 2017.

– 7 Challenges in Europe.

– 3 Challenges in South America.

– German Challenge with more than 60 German gelato artisans competing at Sigep 2017.

– 2,000 gelato artisans.

– 60,000 kg of gelato produced.

– 1,000,000 cups and cones served.

– 8,000 articles in the Italian and international press.

Gelato World Tour is supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development and by the Emilia Romagna Region. It is the first traveling international competition focused on identifying the best flavors in the world. It has already made stops in 11 cities in the world: Rome, Valencia, Melbourne, Dubai, Austin, Berlin, Rimini, Singapore, Tokyo, Chicago, and Shenzhen. It is organized by the prestigious Carpigiani Gelato University, the most famous school for the successful gelato chefs and Sigep – Italian Exhibition Group, for 38 years the most important fair in the gelato and traditional pastry trade. Main partners: IFI, global leader in the production of gelato display cases, and PreGel, the world’s largest producer of products and ingredients for gelato and pastry.

Technical partners: Screams, Medac, Carpino, Metalmobil, Hiber.

To follow the progress of the Gelato World Tour: On social media: Facebook –Gelato World Tour; Twitter –Gelato World Tour; Flickr –Gelato World Tour; Instagram –@gelatoworldtour; Hashtag: #gelatoworldtour

For more information: Michela Iorio –Carpigiani Communications Office – + 051 6505211 – +39 342 7054294 – –





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