Napoli digital running festival 2021

Prague  2nd February 2021

The legend of Partenope that gave birth to the city, the multiculturalism of Naples that has welcomed people of all origins and races since its foundation, the symbolic monuments such as Piazza del Plebiscito and the Fontana del Gigante, a tribute to Diego Armando Maradona. The sun, the sea, which have inspired writers and poets over the centuries.

The commemorative medal of the Napoli Digital Running Festival 2021 is a melting pot of emotions, a way to pay homage to a city that has always been welcoming and that in the digital version will embrace runners in every corner of the globe.

Six sections for the 2021 medal, a kaleidoscope of sensations, emotions, which become one. A concept that goes beyond the single medal. The Napoli Digital Running Festival 2021 medal was born from the idea of ​​communicating Naples in a multifaceted way. Many aspects, a unicum, as is the essence of this metropolis.

THE MEDAL – In the foreground the mermaid Partenope, whose song was unable to bewitch Ulysses and who in desperation let himself die along the coasts giving rise to the city of Naples. The sea and the Vesuvius, the two symbols of Naples. The sun is drawn as in the neapolitan cards.

The Giant’s fountain in via Partenope greeted by all runners in the name of inclusiveness, „All Runners Are Beautiful“ Piazza del Plebiscito a place where people celebrate, commemorate, remember, huddle; hinge between the city center and the sea, embraced between the colonnade of San Francesco di Paola and the magnificence of the Royal Palace.

To complete the visual, we offer a tribute to Diego Armando Maradona who made the history of this city. A city filled with squares and streets that remember him with murals, a tribute and devotion from a city that has seen in him a champion of its battles, not just sports.

DISTANCES – An event that everyone can join, in Italy and in the rest of the world, trained and less trained, beginners or veterans. Three distances are planned, Half Marathon, the Twingo Relay (10-11,097km) and the Family Run & Friends 5km, and can be covered in one day or more days.

VIRTUAL EXPO – It is our way of bringing the racing experience and the Napoli Digital Running Festival to the next level. There are training tips, tourist videos of Naples and tips on how to get to the city, what to see, what to eat and much more. You can also buy the official Napoli Running merchandising, as well as find exclusive content from our partners.

WHERE TO RUN – Runners can run where they want, in respect of national and regional safety regulations. They will then need to prove the run or walk by tracking the performance on a GPS tracker or with an app such as Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin etc, and upload the results on the official event platform.

REGISTRATION – As it was for the Sorrento Positano Digital Running Festival last December, also organized by Napoli Running, runners who register will receive the medal and the opportunity to buy the official race merchandising. Registrations will open on Sunday 7th February.


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