Sorrento Positano digital Running Festival

Prague 12th November 2020

This year 2020 is a year we will all remember. Each one of us had plans, goals, dreams. New year’s resolutions. For personal accomplishments. For business success. For sport achievements.

We were all looking forward for Sorrento Positano. Our team. Our volunteers. Our partners and suppliers. The local institutions. We were all hoping it would happen.

However our collective priority is the health and safety of residents, participants, and all who were supposed to come to Sorrento for this worldwide event. So, after consulting with competent institutions, we have to announce that due to Covid-19 we are forced to cancel Sorrento Positano 2020, both Ultramarathon and Panoramica races.

All of this is bad news for us. But the runners, those are the people that our hearts break for. Runners competing for the first time. Runners who hoped to experience the Sorrento and Positano coast and enjoy an amazing weekend with their families.

The decision taken is extremely difficult for us. But we take comfort knowing that we will run again, together.

In the meantime we have prepared a special virtual event as a way of saying thank you for runners’ loyalty and support over these tough months, and keeping Italy and the world running.

The Sorrento Positano Digital Running Festival is an innovative virtual event organized by Napoli Running in partnership with Realbuzz, that will allow the runners to experience the food, the culture and the amazing landscapes of the Sorrento and Positano Coast from their home.

All runners already registered for the race will have the option to:

1) Transfer their entries to Sorrento Positano 2021

2) Ask for a full refund of the entry fee by sending an email to with the subject “Refund Sorrento Positano”

3) Sign up for Sorrento Positano Digital Running festival and be refunded the difference of your paid start fee and the fee of the virtual event. Please send an email to with the subject “ Sorrento Positano Digital Running Festival”

We look forward to seeing you all at the starting gate very soon.

Carlo Capalbo

President of the Napoli Running Organising Committee

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Kristina Rudišová

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